Blackheath Morris Men - Diary 2019

3rd Oct, Sat
Carshalton, Black Swan Morris day of dance
22nd Apr, Mon
Easter Chair Lifting, Greenwich
18th May, Sat
Brighton Day of Dance - guests of Brighton Morris
5th - 7th Jul, Fri/Sun
Blackheath Morris 50th Anniversary Ale
12th Jun, Wed
Guests of Motley Morris, Cutty Sark, Greenwich
27th Apr, Sat
Guests of Dacre Morris, Beating the Bounds (Lewisham)
15th Jun, Wed
QE Boys’ school, Barnet
22nd Jun, Sat
Lambeth Palace Fete
27nd Jun, Thu
Local tour - West End, Bloomsbury
1st Aug, Thu,
East End tour (provisional)
lace Feted
15th Aug, Thu,

Local tour, Herne Hill

The Good Doctor has arranged a tour of Herne Hill on Thursday. Fell free to pop along and throw money.

20:00 The Commercial, SE24 0JT

21:00 The Half Moon, SE24 9HU

22:00 The Prince Regent, SE24 0NJ

Be there or be a nit-wit.
5th Sep, Thu,
Local tour, West End Fitzrovia (provisional)
lace Feted
19th Sep, Thu,
Local tour, Clerkenwell (provisional)
lace Feted
12th Dec, Thu,
Pre Christmas tour, West End (provisional)
lace Feted
26th Dec, Thu,
Boxing Day tour, Blackheath
lace Feted
12th Oct, Sat
End of season tour, with guests Dacre Morris

12:00 Cutty sark Gardens (next to the Cutty Sark ship)
13:00 ORMC Visitor Centre (other side of The Cutty Sark)
14:00 Cutty Sark (again)
15:00 Greenwich Market
16:00 Ashburnham Arms